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    We provide various financial solutions to propel
    your business in a high growth trajectory.
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    We provide various financial solutions to propel
    your business in a high growth trajectory.

Our Vision

A world free from all forms of exploitation and discrimination where everyone has the opportunity to realise their potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease and social injustice.

Our Company

To support income generation and empower 25 million rural entrepreneurs across India by providing fair and reliable financial services.

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About Company

Mrudra Micro finance india foundation is the provision of financial services to low-income clients or solidarity lending groups including consumers and the self-employed, who traditionally lack access to banking and related services. It is not just about giving micro credit to the poor rather it is an economic development tool whose objective is to assist poor to work their way out of poverty. It covers a wide range of services like credit, savings, insurance, remittance and also non-financial services like training, counseling etc.

Mrudra micro finance india foundation

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Let us join forces so as to meet the financial requirements of the poor section of community in a very Transparent.

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Mrudra Micro finance works on the principles of human empowerment and self-sufficiency.